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Hey. I'm Kyle Broflovski. I'm 18 and from the tiny mountain town of South Park, Colorado. That's all there really is to say on the matter.

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Craig looked back into Kyle’s eyes, and his own seemed to gleam a little. “Really? I wasn’t aware of that. I figured you had a thing for your butt buddy.” He gave a chuckle before moving his head towards the red head’s ear. “Truth be told I like you a lot too.” He almost said it in a husky whisper, before leaning down and nibbling on his neck. Something about touching the other make gave him a certain spark, awaking the animal in him. In one way it was nice to have all the control. On the other; it somewhat scared him that he could let loose in that fashion.

His touches and kisses were ever so gentle; and his hold was almost protective. As if he felt if he let go then he would lose him or something silly like that. “I meant that I have never been that…like that before. The last thing I want to do is hurt you or something.” As he spoke, his lips brushed against the skin of Kyle’s jawline.

Kyle’s brow furrowed. “My butt buddy? I don’t… have a butt buddy?” But his face soon went slack as Craig whispered in his ear and nipped at his neck. He felt a shiver go down his spine, and loved it. Kyle loved when Craig touched him. It was gentle but there were undertones of roughness, kind of like saying “Be good or you get the beast.”

When Craig said the phrase “hurt you,” Kyle’s ears perked up. “You know… I am kind of into that pain shit… not like a LOT of pain, but like, small amounts, I guess. Like when you bit me last time? God damn, that worked miracles. So, I guess it would be kind of fun…?” He was trying to be cautious, to tread lightly, as he was walking on eggshells. Kyle had no idea how far Craig would go.


The noirette merely glanced down at the boy’s collarbone before looking back up and cocking his head slightly. “And are you replying that you don’t feel anything but horny for me? Because I’m not sure if I’m okay with that. I like to think there’s a least a tiny spark there to keep the feeling alive and interesting.” He finally caved by giving an ever so tiny grin in the red head’s direction. 

He allowed his body to rest a little; bringing them closer together; one hand shifting to slide up under the other male’s back between his shoulderblades, and the other moving to pull his shirt collar down to examine what was left of their last encounter. A few light scars here and there but otherwise it was clean. Craig gave the collarbone a light stroke of his fingers. “At least this cleared up pretty quickly.” He mused. “I was worried about how far I went.”

"A-a-absolutely not! I definitely feel something for you, I just— Ah, Craig, shit. I do like you a lot, okay? I… I have for a while." Kyle was trying to ignore the fact that Craig was basically laying on him now and was almost pinning him down with his body weight. "That’s…. kind of why I asked you over. Because I was wondering what that… event made us. I mean, in retrospect, it was kind of dumb, because it could’ve been a one night stand, but I don’t know. That’s why I asked you."

Kyle actually was a little disappointed that Craig didn’t leave more marks on him. He liked marks. They were hot. He liked to think Craig was marking Kyle as his own, which was really fucking hot. Except when his mom asked what happened. He needed to borrow some of Wendy’s makeup to cover everything up, which was kind of embarrassing, but he didn’t mind all that much. “I… I don’t care how far you go, Craig. It was pretty hot,” he laughed nervously.



Happy Passover, everyone!

Happy Passover, dude

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Happy Passover, everyone!

Happy Passover, Kyle.

Thanks, dude!

Happy Passover, everyone!


Craig’s chocolate eyes flickered In Kyle’s direction. “Are you saying in the nice way possible that you want to ride my dick a lot but you aren’t exactly keen on what it’s attached to?” He meant it to come out in casual way, but for some reason there was a glimmer of hurt and disappointment behind it. Was he hurt that Kyle didn’t feel the same? Maybe that’s why he was so confused as to what to do. Instead shortly after, he moved to grab the boy by the shoulders and push him down.

He leant over the boy and looked at him through heavy lids. “fuck buddy is such a dirty name for it. I would prefer to be your friend with benefits. All benefits. The fucking, the cuddling, the using you as a stand in boyfriend to get out of family outings…I can’t use my friends for that anymore; my family are catching on.”

"Hey, I was asking if you were suggesting it. But I—" He gasped as Craig pushed him down onto the couch. Fuck. This wasn’t going how he had pictured it. "Craig, I…. Is that what you want to be? Because if it is, I… I don’t think I’d have a problem with it." Kyle smiled a little bit, if a little nervously.

Craig was hard to read. He was usually very monotonous, and his face stoic, so Kyle had no idea what was going on in his head. He bit his lip and tried his best to read Craig, but it was nearly impossible. 


Craig pursed his lips and placed hands in his jacket pockets with a shrug. “Would you be offended if I just want to have a little fun and you just happened to be it? Or were you hoping I’d have some like, heartfelt speech about my long-term love for you or something.” He shook his head, taking a seat on the couch and cocking a brow. “Look, so it may be a bit of both. Like, I suppose I feel something for you. But at the same time, I’m totally not ready to hold anything serious I guess.”

he soon looked around the room for a few moments before eyes fell back on the Jewish male. “So…do we like, talk more about this? Or should we just let actions speak for themselves? I mean, I’ve been in a lot of hookups and stuff, but I’ll be honest. This has never happened to me before.”

Kyle turned slightly red. Craig had actual feelings for him? He honestly wouldn’t have minded if Craig just wanted a hookup, but he was secretly hoping that the kid felt something for him. He completely understood where Craig was coming from, not wanting anything serious, but a small piece of him wanted something more. 

Well, Kyle, you gotta silence that piece of yourself and accept what he’s offering you. What is it that he’s offering you? “Craig… are you suggesting we be fuck buddies?” he blurted out, then immediately covered his mouth. Fuck, that was the wrong thing to say. Craig was actually willing to talk things out for once, and Kyle had to go say the f-word. Fuck buddies is just a loose term when no one wants to commit but you still want to fuck. It’s an easy way out. God, Kyle, SHUT UP.


Craig gave a small cough as he gave a nod before chuckling and walking into the house. Shortly after he was in the house, he felt strange. Worried even. Had Kyle invited him over to say it was a mistake and to never speak to him again? Had Stan found out and wanted to end him? So many things going through his mind. He blamed it on spending time with Tweek all the while. He turned back to the red head, who seemed calm in his presence. So it was possibly something else?

"Sorry. I smell like an ashtray." He commented quietly, trying to hold the smoke in and not let it invade the room. He figured Kyle was against that sort of thing. He scratched at his chullo awkwardly and ran his tongue over his bottom lip; finishing to fiddle with his lip ring. "So um, what did you want to talk about?"

Kyle chuckled softly. “No worries, dude. Ike is starting to smoke a little bit, so I’m getting used to it. Mom’s not too happy about it, though.” He bit his lip and looked away, heading towards the couch, and trying not to think about what went on there only a few days ago. He sat down and took a deep breath.

"Craig, that… that was a one night stand, right? Like… it meant nothing? Or did you actually mean something by it? Nothing’s wrong," he added quickly, after looking at the noirette’s worried face. "I’m just… just wondering, is all. I know you flirt with me a lot, but I don’t know if you’re doing it because you can, or because you actually like me. Sorry, I’m just kind of…. confused, I guess?" God, shut up, Kyle. Stop rambling, for God’s sake.


Kyle has messaged Craig out of the blue. Truth be told he didn’t expect a response after their affair last week. He assumed it just go back to polite hellos and sitting to eat lunch with the other guys. And yet here he was, leaving the house and flicking his coat on his back and flipping his little sister off from her bedroom window.

He lit a cigarette as he walked, and blew the smoke out in the direction of his gaze on the pavement. His shoes were becoming increasingly interesting…until he accidentally headbutted the door of the Broflovski’s house. He looked up at it with a slight frown, rubbing his chullo covered hat before shaking it off and knocking on the door. He stared at his cigarette and wondered if he should finish it or put it out. He decided on the former and hoped he could suck it down before Kyle answered the door.

Kyle was pacing around his bedroom when there was a knock on the door. Craig. Kyle was nervous. He tended to pace a lot when he was nervous, but this was a totally different kind of nervous. He sucked at confrontation. What would Craig do? Would he laugh at him? Probably. Kyle was so easy to laugh at. Fuck fuck fuck.

He slowly made his way down the stairs to the front door. Slowly. Step by step. Taking his time. But before he knew it, he was at the door. When he opened it, Craig was stubbing out a cigarette on the front porch. Kyle smiled a little bit. “Hey, dude. Come on in.”